Service and Value ... THAT'S OUR BUSINESS

  About Us:

  Owner and founder, Robert S. Marderosian,
  started RSM Sales Inc. in 1990.  This company has been an           independent supplier supporting the Rubber, Plastics,
  Coatings, Inks and Adhesives Industries in New England.  

  RSM Sales offers material, process equipment and packaging       material support to our customers. 

  With his 40+ years of experience and knowledge, Bob has               committed the company to personalized sales and service.             Because of this experience the company is able to provide               increased value to our clients. 

  As posted in our original charter in 1990, particular benefit for     the client is gained by the synergy of offering material, process     equipment and packaging knowledge to our customers from         one central location.

            RSM Sales Inc.             
  Phone: 781.769.1873
  Fax: 781.762.9289